DC Farming

Now researchers at Luleå Univesity of Technology want to take advantage of the waste heat generated by many industries in a better way. In a cold city like Luleå there are both heavy industries and large data centers that create large amounts of heat, which is apparent during the cold part of the year when steam rises to the sky.

"We have previously researched this with, among other things, Vattenfall and Bodens municipality. The difference this time is that we this time are going into more detail about how new types of greenhouse can be designed to utilize waste heat from data centers including lighting and humidity.

Multifunctional Datacenters

Two researchers from Luleå University of Technology, Marcus Sandberg and Agatino Rizzo and a coming Phd Student will explore the possibility of developing sustainable datacenters for a more attractive built environment.

The number of energy-intensive datacenters in Sweden and Europe are increasing and their impact on the local community need to be sustainable.Cloudberry Datacenters will be coordinated by Luleå University of Technology and run in collaboration with RISE SICS North and the industry. The budget is approximately SEK 50 million and is jointly funded by government agencies, universities and industry. The Swedish Energy Agency contributes with 20 million SEK.

Solar City Lulea

Cities are the biggest polluters and must transform their energy systems. Researchers at Luleå University of Technology will now investigate how to support "prosumers", people who produce and consume energy, by using design thinking and participatory strategies.

Porsön district in Luleå will become a testbed for such methods. Community workshops, design thinking, and socio-economic models will be used too find the best ways to support prosumers and the city to think beyond the box.

This means that energy ahestetics will be come an important factor to drive the energy transition of cities. It will lead to reimagine the most common urban infrastructures (sidewalks, streets, housing, etc.). "It will be interesting to work with the people living and working in Porsön to co-create togheter news ways of imagining and designing the city", Agatino Rizzo and Kristina Ek, both Associate Professors at Luleå University of Technology.